“I was especially impressed with Pat Boer. She not only knew and shared her expertise in the mechanics of finding a job (e.g., resume, letters, networking, follow-up, etc.) but she also helped me with the emotional side of losing my job, looking at options, the ups and downs of applications and rejections - the whole picture. She was compassionate, supportive and creative. She was always there when I needed help, she took the initiative to follow up with me, and she boosted my self-esteem when I needed it. Unfortunately, I've worked with other (counselors) in outplacement firms before, and I never felt any of them really cared about me and whether I found a job. Pat was the opposite to my surprise and delight. She wanted to get to know me, and in doing so, was able to give me advice that really made sense for my situation. At a time when my former employer made it clear they didn't care about me, she cared, and she proved it through her efforts. I'll always be grateful to her. ” - Shari L.

“Patricia was extremely helpful in giving my job search some direction and assisting me in preparing an impressive resume. I wish I had started the process sooner.”- David W.

“Although it took a while to find the right job, Pat Boer followed up with me frequently and asked if she could offer additional assistance, and was particularly supportive. She took a very realistic approach to my search by reinforcing my goals and expectations – and, gave me lots of inside information! She was the best and I am grateful for her help. I am one who works better when I have support and encouragement from other professionals - and she exceeded my expectations! She truly cared about my success and expressed this to me.” - Don H.

“Pat Boer was extremely accommodating at every level. She made herself available on short notice with solid advice and built my confidence allowing me to sail through a lengthy interview process that ultimately landed me an offer from a candidate pool of 10. I find searching for a job a grueling and somewhat emotional process. Pat provided expert advice and assistance for each and every interview opportunity I was granted. In addition, she guided me through all the various resources available on web, which I found to be invaluable, and consistently provided rock solid answers to each of my questions. I am very fortunate to have had her as a coach. She is to be commended for her professionalism and "what ever it takes" work ethic. Thank you Pat for all you have done. I will never forget your kindness and advice.”- Karla W.

“I want to thank you again, Pat, for answers that were always RIGHT THERE and for being that person in my corner. I have been extremely happy with your breadth of knowledge and support style to the point that I am almost sad that I no longer need it…how’s that for satisfaction?! You have helped me tremendously with key interviewing Q&A and salary negotiations skills that I may not have found so readily on the WWW. Thank you so much!” - Lillian M.