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Individual Career Counseling Sessions & Career Workshop Topics:

Career Counseling is a process designed to help individuals on a one-to-one basis or in small groups gain greater self-knowledge in light of labor market trends so they might make wise career choices when they are starting out or starting over, or seeking advancement. Whether offered on a one-to-one basis or in small group formats the process may include any one or several steps/modules, including:
Personal/Initial Assessment … career counseling begins with a personal assessment of your goals, and a discussion about your professional identity including your career interests, skills, personal traits and work related values. The initial session sets the stage to develop a career action plan.

Explore Options/New Directions…vocational testing is available to clarify your goals and career options. Various instruments are available to identify career interests, personal characteristics and work/reward values. Labor Market information that matches your career options is often included. By request a battery of vocational assessments are administered.

Education and Training…valuating your past training and educational attainment is also an important step to determine what is needed for advancement and/or career change. In addition attention is given to exploring graduate and professional school options, including testing requirements, timelines, and guidance/preparation throughout the application process.

Career Action Plan…based on your initial assessment and/or vocation assessment an action plan is developed to match your goals. The plan begins with your ideal position and lays out strategies to achieve your goal. Strategies include (1) Preparation steps (resume writing, cover letters, and a summary statement often called a Presentation/Branding Statement or Elevator Speech. (2) Practice steps such as testing the effectiveness of your resume; conducting mock interviews and negotiating salary issues; and (3) Implementation/research steps to learn about openings, apply/negotiate offers.

Market Assessment /Research…conducting research to identify 10-20 targeting companies and organizations, as well as recruiters who look for and/or place professionals in your field and at your salary level. This is a critical step in a tight job market to know who is hiring and who is not as well as what are the best strategies to land a position in a highly competitive field.

Job Search Strategies…today, there is no one sure way to land a position … it takes a blend of the tried and true (networking, utilizing recruiters, responding to published opening and targeting companies and organizations) as well as the most up to date strategies (branding, blogging, social networking and uncovering the hidden market).

Interviewing…preparing for today’s interviews is not just about providing the right answers to questions in a live interview, it is about how to respond to online and telephone interviews often designed to screen you out of the process. Knowing what to say in these confusing and stressful moments can make the difference among those who are hired and those who are not.

Negotiating/Accepting Offers…many desperate job seekers do not even think about negotiating today. Yet even today employers expect and value the prospective candidate who has done his or her homework and knows their worth to the organization.

Professional Growth…Once you land a position the process does not end. It begins again with new goals and strategies to develop and grow in your career by staying visible, continuing your education and contributing professionally. This is one of the most important steps in the career counseling process that many individuals skip and which often leads to a longer search process when they are part of RIF (a reduction in force).

Career Counseling Timeframe. To maximize the benefits of career counseling, a minimum of 3 to 5 sessions is recommended for vocational assessment, resume writing and/or interview prep. A packaged program is highly recommended for those who are job-searching or changing careers:

Package Fees: Any and all of the above steps can be customized into individual packages:

Assessment Package
(5-hours of career counseling/services over 3-6 months)
Job-Search Package
(10-hours of career counseling/services over 6-12 months)
Full Service Package
(15-hours of career counseling/services over 12-18 months)